Atlas of Central Fao

Campaign Setting for 5e

Coming September 2023

Amidst the humid tropics of Central Fao, heads are beginning to roll once more.

In the long shadow cast by an ancient history of terrifying wilds, inter-racial violence, and continent-spanning wars, a climate of fear has insidiously given the state and the interests of capital more control than they have ever had before. As the masses begin to fight for themselves and against their masters, a pattern of guerilla conflicts between the poor and the elites are slowly taking shape. Within the smallest of communities and the largest of cities, the seeds of change are being sown—but what will they grow to become?

This vast new campaign setting for 5th edition is made for those with a love for exploration and a hatred for authoritarianism. It covers nearly one million square miles of area, including 250 locations with over 200 plot and adventure hooks, encompassing 60 towns, 185 points of interest, and 7 dungeons, along with 3 integrated villains and 40 new creatures.